Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hari selepas isnin

arinie ari selasa....


ok laaa...arinie x der serabut sgt..sbb x lepak ofis..tambah tolak bhagi darab..x sampai 30 minit ko aku kt ofis...

audiometri test..done
pm preperation..done
call up for meeting..done
follow up with supplier..done
spot check....done


that stupid old man again and again...

My boss: what r u doing??...what happen to the item..its all already rusty..can u take care of it??
SOM: yahh2..i will spray it...(with a stupid bull dog face)
My boss: ok..take care of it..
SOM: ermm..
My boss: Where is the general item list that i told you to pass to me?? (the list SOM said already finish yesterday)
SOM: i dont have a time..im too busy doing my daily work...
ME: go to hell (dlm hati ler..aku ni hati kecik..tuan pn kecik..ekekek)
My boss: ermm...

ME: i think we should replace him...
My boss: ermm

adusss...susah tul laa..

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